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We have several years of experience in sourcing and distribution of non-food products across different product groups like hardware, house-hold products, accessories, gadgets, leisure / fitness, living etc. for the retail and B2B segment. We have a well established supplier network across Europe to China and have access to many branded products in different categories such as small domestic appliances, living articles and electronics etc.  We are experts in handling both large and small batches in the logistically most efficient and rational way and ensure practice 100% on-time deliveries.


Over five years of experience in making attractive campaigns. Intradify has run successful campaigns with dealsites all over Europe. We work as consultants for the daily dealsites by capturing and applying our business Intelligence data aiming at always proving the best campaigns at the right time to the dealsites. 



We are organizing an unorganized, manual and old fashioned industry with our end to end technological platform – in one hand helping the suppliers and sales partners to
save time and money in administration with greater transparency and at the same time bringing even, much more
convenience and quality of service to the end customers.

Unlike any others, we will be able to deliver world wide, and will be a full service provider directly linking suppliers and end customers and therefore give accessibility to never seen value for money. This gives us the scalability and capability to be a strong product provider of branded and unbranded products plus the whole setup surrounding them.
As a result the suppliers and sales partners increase their loyalty to us and our costumer satisfaction will be the highest in our industry.



Intradify focuses above all on service and quality, and the customer’s desire and needs are in our operational hearts. We never compromise on quality and our products are carefully selected and tested. 

Intradify specializes in the purchase and sale of residual stocks internationally. We facilitate great products and increasing sales via our webshop and partners, as well as retail and wholesale businesses.

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